Tracking websites visitors and customer behaviour interaction is really important for everyone! If you want to optimize your websites and how your website performing well, you will need to track conversion by adding Goals and Funnels visualization in Google Analytics.

Once you configured Goals in Google Analytics, you will find visitors interaction data in Google Analytics Home.

You’ll be able track conversions like Goal URL, Goal Path, Goal Flow and Goal Conversion rate.

You’ll be find conversion through traffic channels that right for different marketing platforms.

Once you configured Goals and Funnels you need to double check that everything configures correctly or not.

Important things to know

What are Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics?

Goals: Goals are the way that allows you to track your website’s visitor’s interaction. These interactions can be anything like URL confirmation page, Video View, submit form, Subscribe newsletter, site watch time, and more. In other word, we can say that “Google Analytics Goal allows us to understand audience interaction behavior”.

Funnels: Google Analytics Funnel is a navigation path tracking way that gives you exact site’s visitors follow your website to achieve their Goals. Funnels create with Source/Page of websites. You can add maximum 20 Source/Page in one Goal.

Why should we use goals & funnels in Google Analytics?

For every website and especially for ecommerce, Goals are important section in Google Analytics that gives perfect conversion or interaction report of customer. You can add up to 20 Goals per user view.

It determines and justify that which needs meet for your website first. Configuring Goals are important to understand the success of your business in your related market.

Four ways to track goals in Google Analytics:

  • Destination: Based on path URLs (ex: /thank-you/)
  • Duration: Best on watch time and time spending in your website (ex: 5 minutes or more)
  • Page/Screens per session: Based on page (ex. 3 pages)
  • Events: Based on video

Let’s take a look, Step-by-Step to create Goals & Funnels in Google Analytics:

  • Open Google Analytics Account and select Admin to create Goals:

  • Click on Goals:

  • Click on +NEW GOAL:

  • Select Goal Platform:

You can select Template or Custom for setting Goals. Both are basically the same as per my experience. But we prefer Template for beginners ( it is a pre-filled configuration by Google Analytics), it is easier in use.

  • Fill Goal Description & Type:

Now for example, let’s select Destination to create a goal to track interaction to your final confirmation URL, and let’s specify the name of your goal as Success Goal, and choose the Destination type and then click on continue.

There are three choices for destination URLs:

Equals to: (Your Goal will be exact URL destination)
Begins With: (Different Goal URLs with suffix parameters)
Regular Expression: (Goal family with different URL formate)

  • Add Goal Details and verify them:

Add destination URL to track the confirmation page interaction. You can also select value if you want to add a particular amount for conversion of order success page.

Add Funnels upto 20 pages/view. Add all the required pages you want to tack the user’s navigation.

  • Check Goal Recording Status:

Bottom Line

Use Destination, Duration, Page/Screens per session, Events to set up goals and funnels to track the customer interaction to your website.

That’s it!

Once you’ve set up Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics, make sure that all goals and funnels configured correctly.

You may also see our guide on “Step to install Google Analytics Code to website” and Step to install Google Tag Manager to your website“.

For a detailed tutorial of Goals & Funnels Setup in Google Analytics, you need to watch my video (in Hindi):

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